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The Tanzania Headquarters of Porters Organizations stands as a powerful alliance, bringing together two prominent entities - the Tanzania Porters Organization and the Mt. Kilimanjaro Porters Society. United by a shared vision, these organizations have dedicated themselves to championing the rights and welfare of porters in Tanzania. With a firm commitment to advocacy and empowerment, the Tanzania Headquarters of Porters Organizations strives to create a transformative impact, ensuring that the invaluable contributions of porters are recognized, respected, and rewarded.

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Tanzania Porters OrganizationWe Focus On

  • Advocacy and Rights Awareness: We actively engage with local porters, their communities, expedition companies, and other stakeholders to raise awareness about the rights and fair treatment of porters.
  • Monitoring and Regulation: Tanzania Porters conducts regular monitoring and evaluation to assess the working conditions and treatment of porters on Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru.
  • Capacity Building and Empowerment: We believe in empowering the porters by equipping them with valuable skills, training, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through partnerships with vocational institutions, we offer educational programs, business management training, and workshops on eco-tourism

Mt.Kilimanjaro Porters SocietyWe Focus On

  • Our primary objective of the Mt.Kilimanjaro Porters Society is to advocate for the rights of porters, seeking to eradicate exploitation and promote fair treatment within the tourism and trekking sectors.
  • Recognizing the crucial role that porters play in the success of tourism activities, particularly in the challenging terrains of Mt. Kilimanjaro and other iconic destinations, the Mt.Kilimanjaro Porters Society aims to foster a culture of respect, dignity, and fair compensation for their labor.
  • In this organization, we delve into the work and impact of the Mt.Kilimanjaro Porters Society, exploring their advocacy initiatives, collaborative efforts, and the strides made in securing the rights and welfare of porters.
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Our Projects



Tanzania Porters recognizes the importance of preserving the natural habitat and ecosystems around the mountains. They collaborate with local communities and relevant organizations to carry out reforestation projects.



The organization conducts environmental education programs and workshops for porters, climbers, and local communities. These sessions raise awareness about the importance of conservation.



Tanzania Porters emphasizes proper waste management practices both on the mountains and in the surrounding areas. They work with climbing agencies, local authorities, and communities to implement waste reduction strategies.



Tanzania Porters actively promotes and supports eco-tourism initiatives in the region. They encourage climbers and expedition companies to choose responsible and sustainable practices, including using environmentally friendly.

Our Team

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Loishiye Lenoy Mollel

  • Co-Founder of Tanzania Porters Organization

We strive to be the voice and advocate for the porters, raising awareness about their rights and working towards creating a fair and respectful environment in the mountaineering industry. Through education, outreach, and engagement with climbers, expedition companies, and local communities, we aim to promote a culture of fairness, respect, and social responsibility.


Edson Selemani Matauna

  • Co-Founder of Mt.Kilimanjaro Porters Society

“Empowering porters is essential for a fair and just society, where every individual’s dignity and rights are respected. Porters are the unsung heroes of the tourism industry, and it’s our responsibility to ensure their rights are protected and upheld. Porters deserve fair wages, safe working conditions, and access to healthcare and education. It’s time to prioritize their rights.”

Tanzania Porters

Tanzania Porters is the 1st Organization to advocacy Porters rights in Tanzania



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